Babes Of The Internet

The first time I watched a YouTube video I was addicted, it was a whole new world.A sea of opinions and wonderful people. 
Everyone had their own little space where they could have big voice, free to express themselves in any way possible.
I've rounded up some of my faves that continuously inspire me ...

This video really made me rethink Buddhism and my perception of it. This beautiful soul hasn't just opened my mind to spirituality but also to being conscious to what goes on in our, sometimes, cruel world.

Sammi is just a dream. Her sense of style and self is something that is really unique, she pulls an outfit together so well that it's pure art.She's inspired me to branch out and try new things. 

If you've always wanted to be a part of a bad ass girl group or the spice girls then just watch these girls, You won't regret it because they on fireeeFire Emoji (Apple/iOS Version)

Betsy tells it how it is and that's what I adore about her videos. She cuts the bullshit. She makes sense all while looking super slick in vintage garms. 

I live for Mika's after movies. They're so powerful and beautifully put together, you could be anywhere. She makes videos on conscious living, travelling, style and sometimes sticking it to the man (hola to all the people who get this reference). 

Everything this girl does is just a visual creation,her videos are always dripping with sassy vibes and cool music.

Olivia xo

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